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Natural Raw Propolis


PREMIUM quality – thoroughly hand purified propolis.
Ukrainian propolis without any additives or preservatives. Propolis in its PUREST form.
Our propolis comes only from our small family apiary located far away from industry in the clean and uncontaminated forest area of Western Ukraine.
The possessed knowledge backed by more than 40year experience in beekeeping and strict adherence to technology and work hygiene ensure the highest quality of this product.
Propolis is fresh.
Net weight: 100 grams.
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Sale: $14 ($140 / kg) & FREE Delivery worldwide on orders over $25.

100% Natural Propolis can be ordered via email

Propolis (bee glue) – a product of beekeeping, a natural antibiotic ready, it’s sticky, resinous substance with a pleasant smell. It is a valuable therapeutic agent. Propolis kills all pathogens. It destroys disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi. Propolis destroys all harmful, and stimulates the growth of all that is helpful inside the human body.

Propolis treats all skin illnesses, simple wounds that long heal, skin ulcers, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, inflammatory gynecological diseases, hemorrhoids, rhinitis, influenza, neuritis, sciatica, pulmonary tuberculosis and others. Propolis is characterized by biological activity. Water-alcohol emulsion activate protective ability of the human body, increase resistance to diseases, exhibit antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Apply propolis as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for infectious respiratory colds, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, otitis, some eczema, itchy dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and others.


To treat prepared tinctures, extracts and ointments. For extractants are water, ethyl alcohol. Ointments are prepared on vaseline, lanolin, butter, linen and other oils. Methods of application – application of alcohol-essential infusions; inhalation of vapor and spray tincture; iontophoresis (tinctures or aqueous-alcoholic emulsion); by mouth – alcohol-water emulsions.

The most active antimicrobial action has 20-30% of the first alcoholic solution of propolis. It is made as follows: 100g of crushed propolis is mixed with 500 ml of alcohol 96º. Periodically stirred. Alcohol becomes brown. Prepared by this method infusion can be stored for years. Alcohol solution taken in the form of aqueous-alcoholic or alcoholic milky emulsion (to warm milk or warm water add 20-40 drops of alcohol solution) three times a day for 60-90 minutes before meals. Found that propolis creates a protective film on ulcers. Propolis acts as an anesthetic, promotes healing of ulcers and erosion, eliminates inflammation, reduces gastric acidity when it is raised.

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