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Natural Polyphloral Forest Honey

natural honey

Our ancestors knew how to treat various ailments using natural herbs, flowers and roots. Undoubtedly, the nectar of flowers positively effects the healing properties of honey as well. Thus, multiflorous (polyphloral) honey is more therapeutic.

Medicinal properties of natural honey are explained mainly by the fact that it has vitamins and various trace elements, minerals and antibacterial agents and high content of glucose, which is not only highly nutritious, but also increases safety functions of liver, tone of the cardiovascular system and resistance to infections. The highest therapeutic effectiveness is in multifloral honeys. Many field and forest flowers bloom in Western Ukraine in spring and summer. In this regard, honey from Western Ukraine has better therapeutic properties in comparison with honeys from Central or South Ukraine. There mostly dominats monophlore honey collected from fields planted with same type of honey plants (buckwheat, sunflower and others). However, all types of honey are useful because the body absorbs minerals, which it needs the most.

Honey should be consumed in small doses, to enjoy its aroma and taste, usually after 15-20 minutes after consumption of water or herbal tea. It is also recommended to consume honey before breakfast and two hours after dinner. If you can, then half an hour before dinner.

PREMIUM quality natural honey.
Ukrainian honey without any additives or preservatives. Honey in its PUREST form.
Our honey comes only from our small family apiary located far away from industry in the clean and uncontaminated forest area of Western Ukraine.
The possessed knowledge backed by more than 40year experience in beekeeping and strict adherence to technology and work hygiene ensure the highest quality of this product.
Net weight: 1kg.
Price: $7 / kg
natural honey
We sell natural multifloral forest honey in bulk of 0,2-5tonnes as well. Please contact us for quotation of a bulk price at