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Our Apiary

Natural Apiary

Our bee products come only from our family apiary located far away from industry in the clean and uncontaminated forest area of Western Ukraine. The possessed knowledge backed by strict adherence to technology and work hygiene ensure the highest quality of our bee products. The third generation beekeeper Volodymyr Stefanyshyn, with more than 40year experience in beekeeping, produces and applies the bee products (the tincture of wax moth, bee bread, perga, propolis etc) for health improvement of his clients. And since 2008 we have cured many patients from severe forms of tuberculosis and other illnesses. We are the official member of local Beekeepers’ Brotherhood in Lviv Region.

Our family apiary is located in an ecologically clean forest area in Lviv region of Western Ukraine (Europe) without any traces of pesticides or herbicides. The apiary consists of ca 80 bee hives, and the bees are kept in ecological and natural way – thus NO traces of antibiotics or chemical substances can be seen in our bee products. Our bee products come in a raw natural form, WITHOUT any thermal processing and WITHOUT conservation.

The following approach to bee keeping ensures the best possible quality of bee products for our clients. We understand that a satisfied client will stay with us for a long period of time. Thus, we do our best to keep high quality benchmark of our bee products.

Natural Apiary

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